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The Events Area aims to organize cultural events, particularly in music, in close contact with other operational areas, such as the Education and Training Work.

For this reason, it organizes also music and concert lessons with aimed at children (or not). As part of the projects of the European Social Fund, in 2010 had been carry out the Christmas concerts of the European Orchestra Accademia Discanto.

All programmed events have the main objective to represent an innovative tool for the dissemination of the quality classical music on the territory of Verona and the Veneto Region, adding to the musical offering other meaningful aspects that characterize it, such as tourism and the conservation of the numerous artistic, cultural and environmental resources which are abundant in this Italian area.

To assist those aspects of the strong collaboration with public and private entities by which Discanto collaborates regularly, including the towns of Cerea, Sanguinetto, Monteforte d'Alpone, Peschiera del Garda and Lazise and the Seghetti Institute of Verona, as well as musical associations, cultural and sporting activities, institutes, schools of music and dance and so on.

The high artistic quality of the organized exhibitions is based on a careful selection of the performers, which takes place in the most prestigious international music competitions, including the International Prize of Music "Gaetano Zinetti", offering to promising young musicians the opportunities to be known on prestigious stages, by supporting them to entry into the whole world concerts.

Cultural events organized until now have received great success with the audiences and critics, thanks to the vast mailing list that allows Discanto to reach a diverse audience, composed of music and culture enthusiasts, interested in the activities proposed.

In this way, these events not only represent an opportunity to involve selected connoisseurs, but they become important cultural landmarks for the entire territory of Verona.

Today the field of cultural and creative industries is one of the busiest in the European Union, accounting for approximately 3% of the GDP of this latter. In the 2010 the report of the Symbol Foundation, that carried out an investigation about the effects and potential of cultural and creative industry, shows that the Veneto Region is ranked at the top in the ranking regional impact of the value added of the production system on the cultural economy as a whole. It is therefore essential at this time to rethink the concept of local development, by relating the culture with industry, tourism, the environment, crafts, food and wine, turning everything into a factor of sustainable development and continuously increase in quantity, but also quality.

In the official website of the Zinetti Competition are available all the information about the concert played by the winners since 2010: at the moment we are organizing the other concerts connected to the Prize. >


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