Gianni Fontana, ex Minister of Agriculture, as new President of Discanto Academy

On 17th March 2017, during the annual meeting of Discanto Academy, has been elected the new Governing Board. It will be guided by the new President Gianni Fontana, ex Minister of Agriculture. Other members are: Eleonora Da Ronco (vice chairman), Giampaolo Avesani, Chiara Baldi, Agostino Dareggi, Pietro Perini, Michele Scrinzi and Gustavo Orlando Zon.

Architectural Workshop

The Architectural Workshop held on 23rd March 2017 in Ferrara. The speakers addressed important and current issues, such as fundings according to European Union and how to enhance historical and artistic heritage. Furthermore, they explained why and how to plan the employment of historic landmarks.

Opening year 2017

The first activities of the year begun officially with the book launch “Le verdure dimenticate”. The author Morello Pecchioli presented his last work about unusual vegetables and some recipes. After the presentation the guests have tasted a menu with some of the vegetables described in the book.

Villa Vecelli Cavriani in love <3

During Valentine's week Discanto Foundation organized, in collaboration with Cuore Chievo, a lot of events in support of UILDM Verona Onlus. The main purpose was to raise funds for a new minibus, so people suffering from muscular dystrophy is able to move more easily. On this occasion, culture and sport have joined for charity and thanks to everyone's efforts the objective has been achieved.

Auditions for the Discanto European Orchestra

Auditions are open to instrumentalists and opera singers. The project is addressed to European instrumentalists, young musicians from 18 to 32 years old when registering, opera singers without age limits. The participants that achieve a score over 95/100 will be selected for the Orchestra and will proceed with international guidance, internship and final concerts. For further information, visit the section on this website.

Book launch “Le donne e il dolore”

On 19th December Eleonora Giovannini presented her new book about women and suffering. The author writes about true stories, some of them unreleased, where you can read about feminicide, stalking, child abuse and incest.  The whole point of the event was to increase awareness about this topic and give voice to the victims.

Gala dinner

On 16th December 2016, Fondazione Discanto organized its first charity event in Villa Vecelli Cavriani. Thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione Rita Levi-Montalcini Onlus, the gala dinner had a great success and a part of revenues has been given to charity to support women’s education in Africa.

Agricultural conference

On 16th November Discanto Academy organized a conference about a current subject for wine-producing holdings. The main theme was the new procedure for data transmission and its instruments, that became law since the beginning of 2017. The high turnout gave a great deal of satisfaction.


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